September 18, 2021

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Angular flow

Workshop with Denys Derkach, Senior Software Engineer at Dev.Pro
Topic: How to improve the Performance of your
Angular application

It’s not rare when you hear that some frameworks are better just “because it’s quicker”. I bet lots of people will say that Angular works slower than other frameworks.
Have you ever thought about why so? Quite simple: an incorrect use of Angular results in poor performance, and its speed decreases as the app grows.
We tried to figure out how to make the app work fast from the very beginning and improve the performance of an existing product.

React flow

Workshop with Artem Koziar, Principal Frontend Engineer at Anyword
Topic: Aren’t you tired of Redux?

There are a myriad of architectures and approaches for building React applications. In my opinion, reactive model based on MVVM architecture is one of the most underrated and modern ones.
We will create a reactive React application on MVVM system from scratch in 2 hours, taking into consideration the pros and cons of this type
(Spoiler alert: if you want to reach a mind-blowing performance in a bunch of asynchronous events, this workshop is for you!)

Note: You’ll need a laptop with the development environment (IDE, git, node, etc.)

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